LR Calendar Templates


Well, 2015 blew right by us! I hope it was a good year for you!

2016 is fast approaching, and what better way to share your photos, than a calendar made by you, for friends and family.  

The Lightroom calendar templates I've provided since 2010 have been a big hit! Due in no small part, to Matt Kloskowski featuring them in the onOne blog and his website Matt Kloskowski.

So without further discussion, here are the 2016 Calendars and Print Templates for Lightroom. The Sunday Start are the more traditional U.S. style, where the week starts on Sunday. But, there has been a large demand for Monday Start, which is used many other places in the world. So download the ones that best fit your needs, be creative and have fun!! It's a great way to show your work. 

Drop me an email if you have any comments or questions.

Keep shooting and sharing!

Ed Weaver 

P.S.  If you would like a through understanding of Lightroom, I have a link to Craft and Vision, for Piet Van den Eynde's ebook Lightroom 5 Unmasked. A Complete Guide to Adobe Photoshop Lightroom

Click here to visit Craft And Vision.

Oops!! I goofed up! If you had previously downloaded the "2016 Sunday Start Calendars" they are incorrect and should be discarded. The correct ones are tilted, "Revised 2016 Calendars Starting Sunday". 


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